Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Camp Kindness Reflection

Today was the first day of Pt England School's year 5/6 and 7 camp of 2010.I thought everyone was going to be really excited and and couldn't wait . Most people have done this before, but I haven't so I was super excited. As we walked in the line to go to cooking, it was only the girls so I thought it would be so cool. We made Lamingtons! We were rolling them in coconut bits in the tray, and just looking at it made me want to grab it all and just nibble on it. I bet everyone else did!

Walking on the hot green grass, thinking "What's going to happen when everyone starts kyaking?" As Mr Burt was talking , everybody sitting on the rocky hard sand, I could see the boys really wanted to just jump in! But no, they had waited till they got choosen.When I was in the kiak I got really scared that I was going to flip right over when the murky waves came rolling past. SPLASH!!!I hear as I come past when Hilary flips her kiak in the water .She asks me to hop in too. I said no ."I dont want to get into that salty green water "I told Hilary as I paddled away.

After we walked back throught the gusting wind, talking away, we finally got back to our fine school ready to have our lunch. With all the cooking that the children made, and fruit that we brought, everyone had something.

Then after lunch we gathered our bags and packed them into our tents before we left to play games. I set up my sleeping bag and I had to be in the middle so that was a bit upsetting but it's ok I guess.

Later on we're going to the Glen Innes pools to have a swim and then have a shower. Then after that we will walk back.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Captain Cook arrives in Aotearoa

Hello I made this animation in hyper studio about Captain Cook arriving in Aotearoa.
So I hope you enjoy my animation.