Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Moving from London

Dear Diary

“My life is hard as it is “ I yell to my mum , but she doesn’t listen . “We are moving houses and that’s final ”.
“I hate this” I mumble under my breathe as I’m packing my bags .

With my new uniform on I’m ready to start school. I walk in the front gate and tell my self that I’m going to do fine , but guess what , as I walk past everyone makes a way for me. Girls are giggling and boys are saying “are you the new girl” . I blush in embarrassment and sigh with relive no one heard me ,when suddenly all I heard was laughter.
I’m telling myself “what a great first day” as I’m half crying .

After a few years later my mother and father had an important job back in London,so I had to stay with my nan . Her house is very beautiful and has a great view , but the worst thing is that it’ so far away from school. She has a pool that I usually play in as well .

One afternoon I’m playing in the pool when suddenly ,I see my nan just drop to the ground as she walks to her chair . I start to panic and think in my mind what do I and then it came to me . The phone . I have never done this before so I have no idea what to do .111 I dial as I try to wake up my nan . “Yes hi I need an ambulance to come to 47 Buckland road now ,I have unconscious woman here”.

I’ve been waiting in the hospital for my nan to wake for about 1 week when I see my mother and father walking towards me . “Is she OK “ my mother says in shock . “I don’t know “I tell my mum . “ Are you OK“ my father asks . “Yes” I tell him as my mum sighs in relive. “Nan “I call .” Your OK”. “Yes dear I’m fine”. “What happened” my mum says as they walk to the counter .”I just had a stroke” .

It’s been a few month’s now and my parents want to move back to London for good . I guess I should be happy but a bit sad . I’ll miss all my friends at St. Glens school and my nan . She will need someone to look after her in case of another emergency . “well that’s our flight “ calls my mum. “ can I have the set by the window asks my dad “.

In my trip to New Zealand I’ve learnt that it’s always good to try new things



  1. Hi Kayla!
    I really enjoyed reading your post. It was very fascinating. You mixed excitement and worry very nicely. I hope there's a Part 2 to your diary. I am looking forward to your next recount/narrative. Your writing is really good.
    Keep up the wonderful work!

  2. Hi Toreka ,
    Thank you for the comment. I think that I might do a part two later on in the year.