Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Compound Word

Today we finally finished our project. We had to create a paper mache model of a compound word . We spent a lot of time making it but we eventually got through . Do think you can guess what it is ?

Here are some clues ,
1.It has a green saucer and has lots of layers.
2.Every layer represents a flavour
3. The layers are chocolate , banana and jelly tip
4.There are 4 toppings
5.The toppings are whipped cream,cherry,flakes and a candle . Have you guessed it yet?
comment to give me your guess


  1. Hey Kayla

    I really liked the way you told us about the flavours, my guess is that it is a cupcake.

  2. Ah now I get it. I have been wondering which word your one was for ages now. Thanks for helping me out Tyla.

  3. Kia ora Kayla,

    woo hoo, it looks fantastic!!! Hmmm, is it a flying saucer? Lol... Well done girls, you lot definitely put in good work and it paid off. Keep it up and always remember- when working in a team to communicate well, share ideas, and work together! One band, one sound!

    Adieu Mr Hunia

  4. Hey Kayla those are some great clues I Think I know what it is my Guess is a cupcake.

  5. Hey Kayla my very guess it has to be a big apple no my guess is a CUPCAKE but nice try because someone had to tell me....